Do you feel like your business needs an action plan? Do you wish there was a way to grow in your photography career that feels supported, creative and sustainable?

I offer real, honest coaching that focuses on strategies tailored for your unique business, and the success you want to define. Discover new ways to reach your goals, along with clear and sincere guidance on how to grow a business that you're proud of.

You want a
business that's
Fulfilling and fun?

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Strong emphasis on creative mindset coaching

Business development
strategies and techniques

Focusing on the "backend" of your biz provides insights and tools to help you develop and grow your business in a sustainable way. You'll be so informed on how your business systems and structures can work that you'll feel confident with any move you make down the road. You'll learn things such as  marketing strategies, client management, pricing, branding, and more.

A holistic and comprehensive approach

I'll help you identify and overcome any of those pesky limiting beliefs that may be lurking in your business, stopping you from hitting the next level. We'll work on developing a growth mindset, and cultivate resilience and self-confidence. By addressing mindset blocks and empowering you, you'll be better equipped to navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieve a bigger level of success.

You know your busines is unique, and I do too. Rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach, all of my coaching offerings take into account your unique circumstances, goals, and aspirations. Ascend coaching is designed to tap into your individual style, vision, and strengths, allowing you to develop your distinctive creative voice while also building a solid foundation for a successful business.


While photography mentorship typically focuses on camera skills, posing and prompting, and industry-specific guidance, this coaching program goes beyond that to integrate both business development and a mindset-oriented approach. This way, you can take what you learn with you no matter what path your career takes you.



Why my coaching is different

If you're looking for community...

Ascend group coaching

includes all of the following:


Unlimited group Voxer voice messaging throughout your coaching

Six recorded modules to help you focus in on the things that will bring you the most clarity and growth in your business

This is for me

1:1 Expansion coaching

includes all of the following:

6 month Business & development coaching for Advanced photographers

The perfect choice for those who desire to break free from limiting beliefs, hit new income goals, and unlock their full potential.

As a developement coach for photographers, my approach is rooted in my sincere desire to help photographers unlock their full potential. Together, we will tap into your unique magic, while refining what you already do well and enhancing the quality of your work. I am here to support you every step of the way, offering a safe space for exploration, and growth.

ONE MONTHLY 60-MINUTE 1:1 COACHING CALL to strategize and impliment for your goals

voice messaging coaching throughout your coaching

access to my entire resource library of guides, templates, workflows and more

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A PERSONALIZED FOCUS IN 2-3 OF THE FOLLOWING: successful systems, scaling your biz, MAster marketing, luxury CLIENT EXPERIENCE, publish-worthy portfolio, financial organization

The business-building course for wedding photographers who want to thrive in all aspects of their career.

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My mission is to empower photographers to break free from limitations and embrace the opportunities they have in business.

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