worth it: Strategies to raise your wedding photography prices and attract dream clients



WHEN: Monday, May 13th at 9:00 am EST
HOW: Once you register, a link to the recording will be sent to your email on the launch date for you to watch (and rewatch) During that week

Learn the proven strategies to increase your wedding photography prices and attract ideal clients in my free workshop designed for passionate photographers like you. If you are a photographers who wants to feel confident in your pricing and find the freedom to take on fewer clients, this workshop is for you.

what you'll learn:


➡️ The mindset strategies to free yourself from roadblocks and unhelpful money stories.
➡️ The way your core values need to shine through your messaging in order to attract ideal clients.
➡️ The art of pricing presentation and how the way you share your prices impacts your booking success.
➡️ How to infuse aligned value into your offerings to create more irresistable packages.
➡️ The upsell strategies to use to meet your clients' needs, so you don't feel icky selling.

What if you could elevate your business (aka work less and make more money) by confidently charging higher prices for your wedding photography services?

Imagine how good it would feel knowing you're charging enough to actually make money, and you have more time for creativity, family, and beach days in the summer (unheard of for us photographers, right?)

During this FREE workshop, I will introduce you to the transformative strategies that will empower you to unlock your value as a wedding photographer and finally break free from the cycle of overworking and undercharging. This workshop is not just about changing numbers on your pricing guides - these are the insights that I’ve utilized to charge $7-$12k for wedding photography.

This is the year to attract clients who value your unique artistic vision and are willing to pay top dollar for it.

Join me to take the first steps towards a wedding season where you can confidently set pricing that reflects your worth, attracts ideal couples, and welcomes a wedding season filled with financial abundance and creative fulfillment.

Hey there, wedding photographer!