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i'm Katelyn, an educator, photographer, and artist.

A little more about me

I am an ENFP, enneagram 7, and generator. I am inspired by the stories I am told and the one I am creating. I am happiest making art, snuggling my dog, and laughing with the people I love. 

My mission is to provide perspective that allows you to break free from limitations and embrace a business of purpose and fulfillment. Thank you for trusting me to help guide you. 

KAtelyn mallett, ceo of her dream life

Redefining what it means to be successful

Your journey as a photographer shouldn't be outlined by others.

I am here to empower photographers because I realize now that having the right support and guidance would have been invaluable to me when I started my creative journey. I don't think building a successful business needs to be difficult, only that we need to be mindful and focused in our efforts to build a career we are proud of.


My psychology degree presented me with an opportunity to work with people and their connections, and my art minor kept me passionately creative.



Definitely cried on my living room floor during tax season, but there was no turning back once I left my 50 hour a week job.

I'm a Full-time photographer, babyyy


All I've ever wanted to do was help people see their magic. I began mentoring photographers and hosting workshops.

It's time to pass on my knowledge


I made over $120,000 during a pandemic utilizing my "multi-passionate creative" status, and realized that my business could be so much more than it was.

gettin' that money, making big moves


Currently living in an alchemized world of creative passion and curiosity, leaning into new hobbies and facilitating empowering connections with creatives.

honestly living my best life, it's really a dream.

My journey to freedom

Unforgettable moments

The best thing I ever did was believe in myself.

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Get ready for your most profitable and expansive year yet.

My mission is to empower photographers to break free from limitations and embrace the opportunities they have in business.

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