3 Reasons You Need An Email List

Creating an email list can feel so daunting, when posting to social media is relatively much easier. Bad news though, tomorrow Mark Zuckerburg could decide it’s $20 a month to have a business facebook account, or what if Instagram shut down today? Where would your clients find you then? 

While it’s unlikely either of those things will happen, algorithms are changing day to day, and relying on figuring those out to reach your ideal client isn’t a consistent or reliable way to run your business. I’m not knocking those of you out there that are killing the instagram game (you’re amazing, continue your ways!) but even having a mailing list as a back-up direct reach to your clients can benefit your business in so many ways. 

  1. You can speak directly to your audience

Unlike social media, which might catch the eye of your target market, emails directly to the inbox of your mailing list are almost guaranteed to be read. One of the first things you figure out in your photography business is your niche, and the same applies to you viewers. Niche down by using your mailing list to reach exactly who you want to. 

  1. You direct traffic back to your website

Linking back to blogs or pages on your website can improve your SEO, making you more searchable to potential couples. Encouraging engagement in the emails you send out – like asking readers to comment on a blog post or share it to their social media – will bump you up in the google ranks.

  1. You can create exclusivity which leads to more value

With your wedding clients, this can look like a few different things. You could offer budget tips, a list of your favorite places to get married, helpful tips on choosing decor, or so many other things. Maybe you give a free vendor guide to anyone who signs up to your mailing list, client or not. There are so many ways to serve your email list that will add so much value to your brand.  

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