You have just photographed the most amazing wedding day, filled with emotional moments, exquisite details and a story that feels reminiscent of a movie, and you absolutely cannot wait to share the day with your audience. You create a sneak peek post on social media and head over to your blog.

After picking your favorite images and sharing the overall story of the day as one blog post, you probably think “that’s it!” on to the next one. Well, what if I told you that you could get 5 blogs out of one wedding, stretching your content and reaching a broader audience. It’s easier than you think, and today I’m going to show you how!

Do people even read blogs anymore? Yes, 100%! Blogs are important to your business because they showcase your services, your brand, your values, and so much more! With the addition of a little SEO thrown into your posts, they can also create a lead funnel to get your clients to your contact form, so that you can spend less time on Instagram and more time growing your business! 

Now that you know that blogging is important to business, let’s go through the ways that I would turn one wedding into 4 blog posts.

Blog Post One: As mentioned above, this is the “overview of the day” blog post, the portfolio post if you will. This blog post will include around 30-50 photos encompassing the entire day, with a compelling story that is directed towards sharing the couples’ story and your experience with them. 

Why you should create this blog post: This blog post will serve to inspire future couples, showcase your style and experience, and boost your SEO! Also, your couples and their guests can head to your blog to revisit the wedding day, which may mean new leads.

Blog Post Two: Venue Highlight

This blog post will begin with a short synopsis of the wedding day you photographed there, and then should go into more detail about the location. Include the history of the venue, what you liked about it in the season you got to photograph there, and any unique details you can think of. Give some insight into why couples should consider this venue for their wedding, like if it has lots of light in the getting ready spaces, flower gardens for portraits, or a large entertaining space for a reception. 

Why you should create this blog post: Referrals for photographers coming directly from venues are high-quality leads, meaning the couple has entrusted the venue’s recommendations and therefore if you are one of them, has a higher chance of booking you. Having a good wedding day experience with a venue, and then creating a blog post that you share all about them can help nurture that vendor relationship and get those referrals! 

Blog Post Three: Vendor Highlight

Why not create a blog post about all the amazing vendors on the couple’s team? Our photographs are often the key to other vendors being able to share their work, processes, and creations, and therefore, I think we should all try to share those photographs as often as possible. While you may have not worked closely enough with a caterer or hair & makeup artist, generally vendors such as planners or florists are the people that we as photographers work pretty closely with on a wedding day. 

Why you should create this blog post: When you create a blog post about another vendor, they can share it with their own audience using your photographs! This broadens your reach, gets your photographs in front of new couples, and improves your vendor relationship. 

*Extra Tip: Make sure to send your vendor team the link to your blog posts once they are live. The team will be excited to see their part in the wedding day and will likely share the post! Use my SNEAK PEEK CHECKLIST to streamline this process.

Blog Post Four: Resource Article On A Part Of The Day

Imagine if you were a couple planning a wedding, what would you be Googling? The opportunities for this post are endless, and could easily be more than one post. First Look, sparkler exit, family photos, outfit trends, color palettes, and on and on and on! 

Why you should create this blog post: Like stated above, couples are searching for answers, tips, advice, and inspiration while planning their wedding. Why can’t it be you that gives them the help that they need?! 

Okay, time to get started writing your blog posts! One tip for getting your words out of your head and onto your page is to voice record yourself talking about your points! I always leave myself a voice note after each session or wedding, noting our experience, what I love about the couple, and the big highlights and special moments of the day. Then you can transcribe it into your blog posts, and it will sound more genuine and how you would actually talk in person.

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