We all work in an extremely wasteful industry. The wedding and event world is full of single-use plastics, wedding favors that will end up in landfills, and food that will never be eaten. As rewarding and encouraging as it can be to experience such a joyful day with people, once you look around at all that’s being trashed, it can bring your mood down real quick. 

Being environmentally-friendly is a huge part of my personal life, so I wanted to carry it over into business. Yeah, it’s tough to go completely green on a wedding day, but if we as photographers are encouraging our couples and providing them with solutions that they don’t have to come up with on their own, they’re more likely to keep mother nature in mind while planning their wedding.

For this week’s blog, I wanted to provide you with words of eco-encouragement pass on to your couples, including alternatives to plastic, ways to give back, and lots of resources with the planet in mind. At the bottom of this post you’ll find a pdf with all of this info included so you can easily forward it to your couples. I hope this inspires you to think more consciously about the effects weddings have on our environment, and join the effort to save the planet!

  1. Skip the favors
  2. Use rentals, don’t buy
  3. Donate your food
  4. Plant a tree
  5. Throw petals, not plastic
  6. Compost
  7. Have recycling bins
  8. Buy vintage
  9. Get an ethically sourced ring
  10. Use Bamboo straws + place settings
  11. Choose a venue where you can have both ceremony + reception (no travel)
  12. Use farm to table catering
  13. ECO friendly registry
  14. Ask florists to use flowers that are local
  15. Use seed paper invitations
  16. Have your bridesmaids wear dresses they already own or will wear again
  17. Skip water bottles, please.
  18. Let guests take home leftovers from the wedding
  19. Use clean soap and recycled paper in the bathroom
  20. Skip the bathroom goodie box
  21. Go meatless at your wedding or make produce the star
  22. Purchase from environmentally-friendly businesses
  23. Use antiques for your seating and furniture
  24. Use potted plants instead of cut florals
  25. Donate your wedding dress
  26. Rent your tux
  27. Make confetti using a hold punch and dried leaves
  28. Take an eco-friendly honeymoon!
  29. Give guests the option of donating to a charity in your name instead of purchasing a gift
  30. Don’t use hairspray
  31. Have a staycation for your honeymoon
  32. ECO friendly welcome bags
  33. Use paper culture to send email invitations
  34. Save energy by getting ready in well-lit areas sans lights
  35. Use solar lights at your reception
  36. Don’t have a destination wedding
  37. Use LEDs at your reception
  38. Donate your decor
  39. Use glass instead of plastic
  40. Get married outside

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